London District Catholic School Board

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The administrative, teaching and support staff of London District Catholic School Board are dedicated to teaching learners in a student-centered educational community. This philosophy nurtures values, skills and the ability to learn based on each student’s potential and is directly linked to well defined and measurable outcomes.​​

​Our Board’s 45 elementary and 9 secondary schools provide a full range of education experiences for approximately 18,000 students.

Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, London offers big city amenities with a community touch. The city of 500,000 residents is situated midway between Detroit and Toronto and is currently the 11th largest city in Canada.

London’s excellent education and health care facilities, safe and secure communities, and abundance of recreational facilities are just a few of the qualities that families and students enjoy in the city.

Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School the board’s site for its International Student Pathway Program has embraced global learning and created an enriched culture of engagement.  A whole school approach has been adopted to promote global citizenship and foster a culture of acceptance, respect and care for others wherever they may live.