Standards of Practice - Membership Principles

Standards of Practice - OASDI Principles of Membership 

Membership in OASDI is a commitment by the participating school or district to principles of ethical behaviour articulated below.

Full membership is granted to members who have met the following criteria:

  1. the existence of a published program of general public education for international students;
  2. published tuition fees and any other fees applicable with clear definition of program scope, length and resulting certification;
  3. a published refund policy;
  4. published description of program rules and expectations for international students;
  5. an established homestay placement and supervision program responsible to a designated district or school administrator;
  6. district or school personnel authorized to evaluate applicant credentials and to permit admission to the program based on established selection criteria;
  7. designation of an international program staff person with sufficient authority to represent the district or school on matters of international education and to exercise appropriate supervision of student education programs and behaviour in the community;
  8. student admission and renewal procedures that are in compliance with Canada Immigration and Citizenship policies and procedures; and
  9. ethical recruitment and marketing practices.